At the 1st Howick Cubs and Scouts we do some pretty amazing things, but for us, adventure is a way of life and not just an expedition or activity. 


Our young cubs and scouts grow in confidence by trying out new skills and stretching themselves.  Our activities today offer a progressive and challenging alternative to the technological advances which limits a youngsters activities to the indoors.  Adventure is provided in the outdoors with hikes, camps and giving our members the opportunity of practicing the leadership skills we discover during our meetings.


Our programmes are designed to develop like skills, social skills that build character giving the youngsters every opportunity to develop self-reliance and self-confidence.


At 1st Howick you will find a team of trained, motivated and dedicated leaders.



To my Fellow Scouters:

Cecil Rhodes said at the end of his life (and I, in my turn feel the truth of it), "So much to do and so little time to do it". No one can hope to see the end, as well as the start, of a big venture within the short span of one life-time.

I have had an extraordinary experience in seeing the development of Scouting from its beginning up to its present stage. The one part which I can claim as mine towards promoting the movement is that I have been lucky enough to find you men and women to form a group who can be relied upon to carry it on to its goal. You will do well to keep your eyes open, in your turn, for worthy successors to whom you can, with confidence, hand the torch.

The Movement’s aim is to produce healthy, happy, helpful citizens, of both genders, to eradicate the prevailing narrow self-interest, and to substitute for it a broader spirit of self-sacrifice and service in the cause of humanity; and thus to develop mutual goodwill and co-operation not only within our own country but abroad, between all countries.

Experience shows that this idea is no idle or fantastic dream, but is a practical possibility if we work for it; and it means, when attained, peace, prosperity and happiness for all.

The "encouraging promise" lies in the fact that the hundreds of thousands of boys and girls who are learning our ideals today will be fathers and mothers of millions in the near future, in whom they will in turn develop the same ideals, provided that these are really and unmistakably impressed upon them by their fathers and mothers of today.

Therefore you, who are Scouters, are not only doing a great work for your neighbour's children but are also helping in practical fashion to bring to pass God's Kingdom of peace and goodwill upon earth. So, from my heart, I wish you God-speed in your effort.

Your Friend,


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